Administrative & HR Assistant

Position Title: Administrative/HR Assistant Grade: 3
Location: Head Office Department: Administration & Accounting

Report To: Administrator/Accountant

1. To provide effective and timely administrative services (building, maintenance, equipment, personal, archives…), to ensure smooth administration process at Bandos Komar
2. To maintain up to date of HR information that effective decision making and also, responsible to manage and build the capacity building, staff appraisal and staff documentation in Bandos Komar.
3. Ensure HR Policy was run smoothly with and feedback for review RH Policy in case of need.

Jobholder plan:
1. Preparing Yearly budget planning HR budget for Administration/Accounting department
2. Orientation HR policy to all staff
3. Supplies and equipments for program and office as whole
4. Monthly and quarterly planning for administrative/accounting department
5. Supports human resources work by screening and interviewing applicants; preparing payroll; orienting new employees; administering employee benefit programs.
Outputs and deliverable:
1. Provide Administrative Support and Logistic support :
1.1. Ensure administrative policies are developed/reviewed/approved as required and put to implement in appropriately as whole of Bandos Komar
1.2. Efficient flow of communication is facilitated such as telephones, fax, email and mails,
1.3. Ensure smooth official function preparations, schedule preparation, transportation arrangements, hotel and ticket reservations for staff and visitors,
1.4. Manage Bandos Komar’s assets such as vehicles, motorbike, and office equipment and ensure all assets are annual inventory and verify,
1.5. When training, workshop and meeting conduct in the Phnom Penh, all logistic tasks, training materials/equipments and venue are organized and monitored together with concerned staff,
1.6. Participate all related documents of procurements are properly implemented and monitored (receive applications from potential suppliers/providers of service, number requisition forms or purchase order forms within Bandos Komar’s, and services for province office’s on request, ensure complete support doc before making any purchase, … etc.),

1.7. Participate in administration for Bandos Komar and staff [maintain Bandos Komar e-mail and forward to concerned staff, effectively supervised of electronic communication system, ensure printers, copiers and other facsimile machines are well function and monitored, coordinator and orient the visits to all visitors came or to province office with concerned staff (such as telephone, electricity, water, airfreight, mail and express mail), act as an interpreters and/or translator from English to Khmer or vice versa when required, maintain document including contracts, correspondence and the like and can be retrieve within 30 minutes upon request, messenger services of incoming and outgoing correspondence are monitored, …etc.].

2. Office Management:
2.1. Oversee general office management to ensure efficient and effective function,
2.2. Ensure general office upkeep including equipment, furniture, fittings and building,
2.3. Maintain security measures at all times.

3. Personal Administrative/staff management:
3.1. Ensure the HR policy are developed/reviewed/approved as required and put to implement in appropriately as whole of Bandos Komar
3.2. Deal with administrative HR issues and forward or discuss HR case to the person in charge of HR Management,
3.3. Develop/review his team staff members’ job description,
3.4. Maintain personal records and review leaves records,
3.5. Ensure pay-slip are properly distributed to all staff and return signed,
3.6. Conduct staff performance appraisal interview for his team members follow Bandos Komar appraisal guideline.
3.7. Monthly Administrator in submitting of and reliable HR information.

4. Other duties:
4.1. Keep Admin/accountant updated of the issues and actions to be taken
4.2. Quarterly planning is submitted and reported to Admin/accountant.
4.3. Other duties as assigned by supervisor are performed.

The post holder oversees:
1. Assist administration and personal issues.
2. Maintain and assist to manage office and fixed assets,
3. Assist other in accounting for payment to suppliers.
4. Driving

Team/posts report into the post holder:
The primary linkages for this post:
1. Administrator/accountant, all staff and Suppliers.

Level of contact with children:
Leadership Behaviors:
1. Demonstrate honest and professional behaviors in dealing with others
2. Develop, motivates, coaches and assist administrative team
3. Promote high performance within administrative team
4. Promote innovation and learning
5. Demonstrate and effectively on communication, negotiation, and facilitation skills
6. Open to feedback and willing to try new approaches and processes.
Skills specific to the post:
1. Proficiency action planning, including budgeting, costing, time management
2. Skillful on office administration, HR documents record-keeping
3. Proficiency team-building and motivational skills
4. Strongly interpersonal, communication, negotiation, coaching and facilitation skills
5. Proficiency on computer, E-mail, windows, word processing, Spreadsheet, power point.
6. Good written and spoken English
7. Skills in developing policy and procedure documentation
Qualifications and Experiences:
At least Bachelor Degree in Administrative, HR management or related field.
1. Good knowledge of Administrative, HR, and reporting principles.
2. Communication system and protocol
3. Logistic/procurement
4. Personal related work including Cambodia Labor Law.

1. At least 1 year demonstrable experience on administrative/HR management within NGOs,
2. Personal management.
Attitude/Core Competencies:
1. Proven ability and aptitude to learn quickly and result/output oriented
2. A team player, who works well in a multi-cultural environment, communicates readily and shares learning with colleagues, partners, beneficiaries and other
3. An analytical mind
4. Respects confidentiality of both official and personal information
5. Honest, loyal, transparent, fair, ethical, reliable, friendly, initiative, humility/humble and matures individual
6. Adhere to rule and regulations
7. Hard working and able to work under pressure of multitasks.

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