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Partage has been operating programs in Cambodia since November 1989. Then it started by basic supports and it has developed progressively project focusing on education particularly in pre-schools and primary schools in rural areas and some villages surrounding target schools. There were six primary and six pre-schools in three provinces (Takeo, Kompong Speu, and Kandal) under Partage’s projects during the period of 1989 to 1999.

By July 1999, Partage Cambodia had been localized as “Bandos Komar Association”, which became a local NGO in order to take over all Partage’s projects. Since 2002, BK has expanded its programs to new target provinces such as Pursat in 2002 and Siem Reap in 2008.

Life Skills

Agri-farm club

Agri-farm club

Life skills are to provide support and equipment to children to ensure knowledge, skills and the right attitude in family and social life. They are also important for job search in Cambodia as well for the ASEAN Community (Association of Southeast Asia Southeast) in the future. When the children of farm families in rural areas drop out of school, they often migrate to other province far away from home to find job that they can earn some income for the survival of the family after the harvest. This migration is caused by the lack of professional skills.

To cope with this problem Bandos Komar has initiated a project “School Gardening” with the cooperation of teachers in schools supported by Bandos Komar . We bring together the theoretical and practical knowledge on agricultural work for elementary school children and those of college so they are able to farm life in the future. With the supply of knowledge and expertise on life skills, we also build the concept of children and youth to like farm work with access talent and self-ownership.
In fact, after receiving training on “the way of growing vegetables,” teachers and students have grown a few plots of vegetables such as cabbage, water chestnuts and beans. After harvesting, the group shares its production to other comrades so they can cook it at home. They sell the rest of the money collected is used to buy school supplies, keeping a few pennies for seed for next season.

Books given to the library



After many year in war, Cambodia is destructing her country. The lack of sanitation , lack of textbooks, poorly trained teachers and school attendance have failed to provide quality of education to students.

Although Bandos Komar recognize that there was a huge need to develop school health in Cambodia, we believe it is also preferable for us to expand our support for the development of school libraries in a limited geographical area where we already good collaboration with local partners . Our support is focused on nursery and primary schools in three provinces in Cambodia. The stock of books should be expanded to maintain the importance of the library and reading. There is no budget allocated by the Ministry of Education or the provincial education authority to purchase new books. Recently, 20 schools received new textbooks from Bandos Komar and have contributed to more than 8,000 students have new books in libraries.

With this approach, we hope we can encourage the development of a reading culture. Students can discover a new world through books. We believe that books and reading can provide a greater opportunity for children progress in school and improve their ability to access higher education. This will also help the individual to escape poverty and have a better life for himself and his family.

Parents Education:

Parenting Education

Parenting Education

Parent education program is a program focused on families that have small children under 6 years old and pregnant women. These families were trained based on simple practical cases so that they can apply for and educate their children according to their initiative and living conditions of each region. The objective of the project is:

  1. Parents understand and get the knowledge about health care / hygiene, nutrition during pregnancy , immunization , care of the daily health , birth registration , equitable supply of children under 6 years .
  2. Parents are aware of the development of children by age group (birth to age 6 ) by encouraging them to :
  • Be warm and have affection with their children
  • Understand the importance of the protection and development of grandchildren
  •  Understand their role in the education of their children at an early age
  • Assist in the development of the child at all levels ( physical and mental health , social and emotional development , language and socialization )
  • Help the child to have simple knowledge base, simple skills and good practice for the start of primary school.
  • Help the child to have the ability to continue his studies and encourage them to continue successfully to the secondary.

Through this education, 5 groups of parents with 177 members have gained a lot of knowledge through their understanding and participation in practical cases related to education and health care for their children.